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The overall vision of this charity is to show love to the unloved. To Love Another was set up out of sheer compassion towards people who just need to be loved. We can sometimes search eternity for answers on what to do when, in it’s simplicity all it boils down to is showing love and kindness to another human being and where possible offering a practical hand of hope.

As we take our initial first steps of starting a project in another country our aim is not only to assist them in the short-term but to help them become self sufficient in the long-term.

We plan on building a big enough home that will accommodate 50 children as well as utilising the facility as a school and a church.

Our children will be fed, clothed, educated and more importantly loved.


To Love Another has only recently set up as a charity (April 2012) but the desire has always been there.

After returning back from a trip to Kenya I knew deep down my heart was touched and my life was changed. I’ve experienced many things and travelled to various places around the world but God would have me broken for a people in the rural settings of Sengera, Kenya.

It wasn’t the five star hotel that did it or the lobster supper, it was the mud huts with no running water or electricity that started to spark a fire within my heart. The beautiful people and their need far outweighed the comfort of a memory foam mattress back home in the UK.

I was in my element, I knew it and more importantly God had put me there.

But please, let me clarify our charity isn’t about any one person, it’s about every single person
who supports us whether financially, in prayer or with practical help and advice.

We are all in this together!

We believe this is a step in the right direction, helping orphaned children and widows living in poverty and at risk of starvation, illness and exploitation in the rural areas of Africa, starting with Sengera, Kisii, Kenya.

We intend to provide food, clothing and basic education and life skills as well as a safe environment in which to live.

Our future aim is to provide the village with a secure water source; health and home facilities and
a safe play area.

I have a burning desire to help, firstly the people of Sengera and once that project is established and self-sufficient, who knows where the next place will be. What I do know is ‘I have set my face like a flint’ to accomplish that which God has called me to do.