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There is no better feeling than to serve God by helping his people. One of the last instructions that God gave to Peter was to
"feed his lambs", and to "feed his sheep", that means his people. We believe he means that we should feed people in all ways, spiritually, mentally and physically. Jesus was always interested in the poor and hungry and still is today; he has laid it on our hearts to feed the hungry as he did, we share His compassion and His love for people, especially those in need. Personally I had a vision of hungry people about 7 years ago; God allowed me to briefly see hungry people and to feel their pain; it was terrible, I was in anguish! It gave me a heart for the hungry and I knew that God wanted me to feed hungry people and would provide the means to do so.


We understand that anyone can fall on hard times. We believe that those in need should be treated with love and respect. We collect fresh food daily from stores; also church members who feel lead by God, bring into the storehouse, cans and packets of dried food from home on a regular basis. Before we collect the food we pray for the collection and we pray that the food will reach those who need it. We make sure that when we deliver food, the food is handed over with deference (humble respect) and care.


We have a team of people who collect food from the donating stores so the work is shared between enthusiastic individuals.
We work in collaboration with a small network of other people whom God uses to feed people; there is no racial, politics or denominational issues or discussions involved. We have two things in common, the desire to help those who are hurting and the desire to show people that Jesus cares about them.

People collect the food from the stores and hand it over to the individual/s who are delivering. God has placed us in the role that best suits our character and personality; for example, the collectors are very good at negotiating traffic, representing the project at the store and returning with bags full of food. We have an excellent relationship with staff at the stores. Individuals handing the food out are good at talking to people and are able to put them at ease. People are genuinely embarrassed and don't want to be in a position where they have to take hand outs; therefore the way we present the gift of food is important.


Many, many people are blessed by the food they receive from us. The food is distributed to people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion denomination etc. on average I would guess that we help around 40 people per delivery and we deliver 7 days a week. People are genuinely surprised but pleased that we are prepared to give something for nothing. We don't preach Christianity, we prefer to show them how we as Christians live, demonstrating Jesus. Sometimes we are able to give out meat; for some it is one of the few times in the week they eat meat.

We also work in collaboration with nuns; many people knock their door and ask for food. Since we began donating a large amount of bread to them, they are able to make sandwiches, baguettes and rolls to hand out to people who don't have cooking facilities. Another example is that we sometimes get a lot of milk and cereal; there are so many people with young children and the milk and cereal are literally God sent.

We feed a lot of teenagers and young people at the YMCA, some have no cooking skills whatsoever.
Angelina has built up wonderful relationships with many of the young people; they trust her and she gives them ideas and recipes on how to prepare meals using the fresh food and vegetables we provide. For example she got into conversation with a young man who wanted to eat more healthily but didn't know how to go about it; she had taken delivery of some fresh bean sprouts and other vegetables; she told him how to make a stir fry with the vegetables by adding a small piece of chicken. She also gives vegetables and fruit to young mothers, with instructions on how to make baby meals and baby fruit puree.


The next phase of the project is to start giving out food from our base at New street; providing cooking lessons to young people, and anyone who would like them, using some of the food we collect. We would also like to cook meals for the elderly and those who don't have cooking facilities and make sandwiches and cooked meals for people to take home. If people have no cooking facility or the means to provide gas or electric to cook on, giving them raw food is futile.

We have found that many people are lonely so they need not only food, but someone to talk to. We aim to provide a comfortable environment where people are happy to come in, have a drink and a chat maybe some food to eat and or take home.

We hope and pray that the whole church will catch the vision and support up by, each and every member bringing in one item of food or toiletry a week. No one need spend more than 50 pence and if they do, then let it be their month's contribution.

This is huge and we will need the Grace of God and dedicated and faithful brothers and sisters to help the project succeed.
We have no doubt that Jesus wants to help the hurting people because He Cares.

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